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I created this blog to keep my love of style and design an everyday part of my life.   My  passion is clothing and design and I’m currently building an international luxury workwear brand, Search & Rescue Denim Co.

I love finding people to shoot for the blog, and will often wander the streets of my city, Vancouver BC, looking for new subjects to capture on film.  We have a great fashion community here in Vancouver, and the scene is growing more and more every day.  I’m 33 years old, and live with my wife Jill, and our wiener dog, Penny.  I love anything with two wheels, have a surprising number of tattoos hiding under my suit, and love life here in Vancouver.

Thanks again for checking out The Style Butcher, and come back soon, as I am always finding great new things to share!



5 Responses to About The Butcher

  1. Cynthia Feldmann says:

    Hey William,

    Is this my nephew? Are you really the editor? This is “so cool man” as us older folks say :)


  2. Great blog honey! I love so many looks I’ve seen here! I am following you on Facebook!


  3. Will says:

    Hey Will, Will here.

    Thanks for the post on making my jeans shiny with otter wax!

    I was wondering if you could suggest a place that i can take a couple pairs of nudies into to get them “taken in”? There a couple years old now and have bagged out, plus I’ve slimmed out… bad combo for having jeans that fit.


  4. The Editor says:

    Hey Will, thanks for checking out my blog! I highly recommend Simdy’s on Davie St in downtown Van. She and her husband Fred are master tailors, and he actually used to work at a Guess Jeans factory in China. He does amazing work, and can take care of any of your tailoring needs!
    Keep in touch,

  5. Will says:

    excellent. I knew you’d know the best spot! Gonna get these coated black nudies all spruced up!

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