Collaboration with Aunts & Uncles for The Deighton Cup

Written by Jill Magee-Fosdick on

Aunts and Uncles Spring/Summer 2015 (Search and Rescue Denim Co Collab)

Aunts & Uncles Spring/Summer Campaign 2015

This summer we are excited to team up with German leather lifestyle brand, Aunts & Uncles, to create custom aprons that will be showcased at the 7th Annual Deighton Cup. Aunts & Uncles create unique, high-quality leather purses, bags, wallets, belts, and wrap bracelets for both men and women. To create these special aprons, we will be using salvaged leather from Aunts & Uncles bags. Keep an eye out for a future post unveiling the results of this collaboration, or if you’re in Vancouver, check them out live at the Deighton Cup on July 25th at the Hasting Racecourse.

Guests at the Deighton Cup (Search and Rescue Denim Co.)

Horse Racing at the Deighton Cup (Search and Rescue Denim Co.)

The Deighton Cup at Hastings Racecourse
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