Fashion Ink Part 2 – Capital City Tattoo Convention

This Saturday, I went to the Capital City Tattoo convention to get more work done on my tattoo by Garret Egles, check out the other tattoo artists and see some serious alternative style.

So, Lets start off with G-Money himself, bow tie and all.  Clearly, you are not hip unless you have a waxed mustache.  This is the man I entrusted to mark me for life.  Which I guess makes sense, since when we used to be room mates, there are plenty of things he’s done that have scarred me for life, such as getting loser-drunk and beating me with a shower curtain rod while… oh never mind.

Here we have Garret laying down ink while I try to nap… 5 hours sleep the night before, and you do actually start to fall asleep while getting inked… must be the endorphins.

This is Mitch, Garret’s new partner in the tattoo biz, and a purveyor of the steampunk style.  Though I would never stretch my ears out like Mitch’s, the tunnels with anchors on them are pretty rad.  Mitch was rockin’ the waxed ‘stache before it was cool.

One of Mitch’s clients at the tattoo convention, a brave young lady who grinned and bared it through 2 hours of tattooing that went right into her arm pit. Believe me, that hurts.  See next photo to have a look…

Thigh-high latex boots and a matching bag. Need I say more?

Ah, I love the contrast here:  A bad-ass head tattoo, but it says “Princess”.  How sweet.

And what would be a tattoo show without at least one punk. I believe his name is Justin, and I think that’s about as punk as it gets.

The show was great, I got to see some interesting people, and my latest tattoo is coming along well.

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