First New DJ mix in 7 Years – Guilty Pleasures Vol 1, Week 1.

Spinning records in the now defunct Stylus Records in Victoria, age 18

So, last night I stayed up and mixed an hour DJ set, and it turned out alright. OK, well, maybe a bit dodgy. No trainrecks or anything, but I only planned out the first 5 tracks, then just kind of winged it, so some of the tracks don’t blend as well as I’d have liked, but it’s good for a first shot.

Lucky Bar DJ Challenge 2008

Now, about the music. It is not cool. If you are a hipster music snob, I already know your opinion, and it’s not necessary to let me know how uncool I am. I used to play music for the people, but now these mixes are for me. This is shameful music to sing to when you’re alone in the car, and you’ll probably turn it down when you get to a stop light for fear of being ostracized.  There are two David Guetta songs in a row. Nuff said.

Guilty Pleasures Vol 1 by stylebutcher

I am going to try and release a new mix every week! Hopefully they will get better as I go.

Have a listen! If you like it, let me know! If you are ashamed to say you like it, then we can just use the code word “peanut butter”.


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