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Music and fashion go hand in hand for me.  I remember being front row at a fashion show years ago, and hearing the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Cheated Hearts” and thinking “damn, this stuff really gets me pumped’!” Models stomping the runway and bass shakin shit down….I was hooked. That was the night I decided that I should put on my own fashion show and  the Post Future Fashion Show was born.

Music influences fashion, fashion influences music.  I have certain music that inspires me to draw and design, other music that helps me focus when I’m sewing. There’s music I listen to when drinking a tall bottle and writing a blog post (like right now).  I wrote about my latest music obsession Theophilus London a few posts ago, and once again, my lovely wife introduced me to the next big thing….

Maximum Balloon.   Heard of them yet? You will.  Think hipster super group with guest appearances from your favorite bands and hip hop artists. Maximum Balloon is Andrew Sitek, the singer, song writer, guitarist and sometimes producer of TV On The Radio.  The rest of Maximum Balloon is whoever else is in his phone book.. (like Karen O, Aku..) …it’s like a solo project highlighted with vocals from his favorite artists.

Anyways, here is his colab with Theophilus London, and a couple of others.  I can’t stop playing this track. Enjoy it now, cuz it is gonna be so played out in six months….

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