Long Weekend!! Day 1. (style on the street)

There were geisha walking around Gastown…with modern hair. Cool with me.

Cute dress with boots! I love boots!

Not sure where these two were going, but I wanted to join them! This is what summer is all about!

Sweet old war-time motorcycle with side car I saw in Gastown. Rad.

My lovely wife! Ready for a day of yachting I see!  I really liked the sun hat and glasses on her today, with the pencil skirt and striped tank. Oh, and that is our wiener dog, Penny :)

So many wedding photos being taken in Gastown today! This couple had commandeered a fire truck that was parked on the street and took some photos posing on it’s bumper.

A stylish maxi-dress.  Very sleek and elegant. She had on a great bag with it too, but it didn’t make the photo.

So, that was day 1 of the long weekend! We’re off to see the fireworks tonight, and maybe party down? More Vancouver Style coming this weekend!

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