Search & Rescue Denim Co. at Gastown Tattoo Parlour

 Things have been busy at S&R over the last couple of months. We have two new staff members helping sew aprons, and we’ve been adding retail outlets at the rate of about one a month. This week, we teamed up with Vancouver’s Gastown Tattoo Parlour with a house branded line of GTP aprons. Gastown Tattoo has always been a big supporter of our brand, so it’s great to finally have a line of our aprons stocked there.  You can pick up one of the GTP aprons from the shop, or drop them an email to order one online.

We’ve also added some new aprons over on the S&R site, including our new X-Back Craftspersons apron, and coming soon is our new Brewmaster apron. Check em out!

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