Search & Rescue Jeans

Just a little update on my denim design work. This is pair number two. Getting better, but not quite there yet. Still need to make a bunch of changes to the fit, but my construction techniques are getting better. Once I get this mens straight/skinny-leg design finished I’m going to start working on a women’s skinny jean.  Progress!

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6 Responses to Search & Rescue Jeans

  1. Gregory says:

    I love the fit of the denim, it looks so comfortable, sleek and sexy. Let me know wenever u plan to come to India you have someone who wants something just like the denim you are donning.

  2. Wow these look great! Let me know when you start women’s jean construction.

    Yours Truly,
    ♥ tiaShanee

  3. tiaShanee says:

    Wow these look great! Let me know when you start women’s jean construction. I’m really interested in what you create!

    Yours Truly,
    ♥ tiaShanee

  4. Thanks for finding me on IFB!!!! Such a cool blog… and a guy… and from Canada! I now currently reside in Quebec, after years of Paris. Come on for a peek at my bloggie!!!!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for reaching out on IFB! Love the jeans, very nice! these would make a nice addition to my blog.


  6. Donatella says:

    I like the fit on the front, not so much the back. I’m not a big fan of big pockets placed very low. I know it’s a trend, but the aesthetic in my opinion doesn’t quite work.
    But chapeau on the great work. Jeans are bitchy to get right!!

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