Some Like it Hot – Fashion Show 2011

Last Thursday I went and checked out the “Some Like It Hot” fashion show at Upstairs Cabaret.  The show was a great success, with a good turnout and a well run production.  Khloe Campbell did a fantastic job of producing, coordinating and styling the show. I know how much work it is to put on a great fashion show, as I went through it when I put on the Post Future Fashion Show back in June 2008.  I got some good photos (I have no photography talent whatsoever) and had a great time. Did I mention there were lingerie models? Oh, yeah, that didn’t hurt too. All the girls worked it, and the response from the crowd was awesome!  Here is the rundown of what the show was all about from their event page:

A fashion show with a 50’s feel; women’s clothing, lingerie, men’s clothing and shoes! Our model’s will be strutting their stuff to beats by Blondtron and Fatso.
…Blondtron, a local, gone international, female DJ brings a unique sense of fashion and music to the show. Working with designer labels such as Chanel, Blondtron has deep roots within the fashion community. As a tribute to music and fashion, Blondtron will set the night off with electronic style.

The fashion show will highlight classic male and female dress wear with a modern twist. Bliss Boutique represents women’s fashion and is Victoria’s go-to for stylish, vintage-inspired clothing. Charlie & Lee will flaunt the runway in their stunning shoes and coveted lingerie. Citizen Clothing will represent men’s fashion, with their classic James Dean-esque clothing line. A community focused salon, Lab, will be styling the hair for the show and key make-up artists Lindsey Gibson and Aleta Eliasen will be designing the looks. As a unique addition to the fashion show, matching quality with taste, we are delighted to have Heineken as the beverage sponsor for the night.

Here are my photos from the show, and yes, there was a sexy dance party going on at the end…. all in the name of fashion! Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Some Like it Hot – Fashion Show 2011

  1. khloe campbell says:

    Hi there,

    My Name is khloe Campbell. I really enjoyed your review on the show. The only thing is……… you forgot to mention the person who produced, oc-ordinated and syled the entire show.


  2. The Editor says:

    Sorry bout that, I just pulled the info about the show off the Facebook page. I will for sure update the post with your info!

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