“Its like he crashed a new-wave dance party, snatched the mic from [the] DJ’s, and emceed over New Order and The Cure-with some Fela till 6am” – GQ magazine


My wife discovered Theophilus London (yes, his real name, as if that isn’t bad-ass enough already) and introduced me to his music and his fashion forward style a few weeks ago.  This gentleman will be a style icon for this generation, or at least for this year. He mixes retro/classic/hipster/cowboy/preppy/hiphop to look so gad-damn fresh! I think you will enjoy his style and his tunes  And he used Lindsay Lohan in his last web video (say what?) and it didn’t suck! Go Lindsay, you bat-shit-crazy crackhead!  Anyways, enjoy the style and enjoy the slick tunes…


Check out his aptly named “This Charming Blog” (an homage to “This Charming Man” by The Smiths), or hop on over to HypeBeast to see a backstage interview.

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