Uniqlo in Vancouver

According to Canadian retail and fashion news website Retail Insider, Japanese clothing maker Uniqlo is negotiating a lease on space inside The Bay downtown. The shop would reportedly be located directly below Vancouver’s newly opened Topshop Topman store.

A bit about Uniqlo from their site:

In 1984, Fast Retailing, headed by Tadashi Yanai, opened the first UNIQLO store in Hiroshima, Japan. Since then, the brand has evolved from a chain of roadside stores to an international leader in style, quality, and fun.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, UNIQLO makes clothes that transcend all categories and social groups. Our clothes are made for all, going beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, and all other ways that define people. Our clothes are simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them in their own unique style…

I really like their mixing of utilitarian pieces in bold colours. Their clothing is accessible, but still interesting, and I think would fit in well here in Vancouver.

Here is a taste of their Fall/Winter 2012/13 campaign.

Check out the rest at Uniqlo.com, and hopefully soon, here in Vancouver.

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3 Responses to Uniqlo in Vancouver

  1. Caroline says:

    That would be so amazing. I swear not a day goes by that I don’t read about them in someone’s blog!

  2. MonicaP says:

    Cute stuff! Looks like I’ll need a trip to Vancouver soon!!


  3. Amber says:

    This is exciting news! I live in Seattle, and Vancouver is just a few hour drive and a great weekend trip. I always love an excuse to drive up for the weekend to eat and shop. =)

    Thanks for your IFB message! I just started following you – and would love it if you have the chance to check out my blog and follow if you like it. Thanks!

    Avec Amber

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