You say Steampunk, I say Classy

This photo was from my iPhone, so it’s a little blurry, and I am not talented with photoshop, so it will have to suffice.  Mitch was dressed up for a friends birthday (one of the new Gastown Tattoo staff I believe?) and I thought it warranted a photo.  I like the vest/dress shirt/tattoos/hitler-youth-hair combo. Mitch says steampunk style, I say classy.  Oh, and I just figured it out that Mitch is 20? 21? ….I thought he was like 30…far too calm and collected for his age, need to get him drunk and maybe set some stuff on fire, much more age appropriate.

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One Response to You say Steampunk, I say Classy

  1. The Editor says:

    Style is not about completely rolling out in a costume, it’s about taking a certain flavor and working it into your clothing. Hence, no goggles. That would just be silly. And old timey is awesome. Such a nice change from all the day-glow 80’s revival business.

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