I am not a model

So, I haven’t posted in the last few days because I’ve had the flu, and then when I was feeling better, I started a sewing project that I spent the last two days on. I made myself a pair of jeans, and they turned out quite well. For the pattern, I took an old pair of jeans and deconstructed them to then transfer to a base pattern, and then adjusted the cut for the fit and styling. I had some nice dark stretch denim, and ended up with a rad pair of totally wearable jeans. On the next pair I make, I will go further with the detailing and finishing, but for my first attempt at a pair of men’s jeans, I’m really happy with the finished product. I took a few pictures of the finished pants, and got my wife to take a couple of me wearing them, which then led me to realize that, holy shit, I’ve gotten fat, I am not a model, and it is a damn good thing that I just got my gym pass back. Time to get heroin chic!

Next up, a pair of dark and sexy women’s skinny jeans and maybe a bolero leather jacket.

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