Put on your Diamond Ring(s)

John O’Regan is channeling Ziggy Stardust while listening to Cut Copy.  Yes, the zebra tights and purple Air Force Ones might be a bit much, but fashion starts on the edges and extremes, and then gets watered down and eventually makes it to the rest of us. You may have actually seen John’O before he glammed up, as he was the lead signer for Canadian hipster rock band the D’Ubervilles – though you may not have recognized him behind the glasses and toque.

Let there be electro!!….

Whether you’re into the music or not, this guy adds something to the sea of “earth tones” in fashion right now. Fuck I hate earth tones. Diamond Rings music reminds me of new wave songs like “Under The Milky Way Tonight” or “The Killing Moon“. I dig John O’s voice – he can actually sing, unlike so many of the mass produced singers (I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber) that are popular today.

Oh, and surprising fact…queer as his “Diamond Rings” persona is, he’s straight. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

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