QHUIT (Q8) Fall/Winter 2011

One of the front runners of French street wear right now is QHUIT(or Q8 if you like).  According to the world-respected WAD magazine (and hands down my favorite mag) “QHUIT is becoming one of the pillars of French street-wear”.

Founded in 2002 by Rhum G and Mook, the brand started with a limited run of graphic t-shirts,  in 2005 they produced their first collection of  colourful  graphic tees and hoodies.

In 2010, the Q8 Crüe opened its first store in the neighborhood that it was born, the Abbesses in Paris. Logically named “Chez Qhuit”, the store quickly became a favorite among street wear lovers, and known for its friendliness and cocktails.

I really love their fall/winter lineup:


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