Robin makes better jeans.

Robin Cretien makes jeans that make women’s assets look good. Damn Good. He makes mens jeans as well, I own a few pairs myself, but I’m not so interested about waxing poetic about men in pants. There are very few pairs of pants that I would be willing to drop three bills on, but I really do love Robin’s Jeans, and when I can afford it, I’m happy to pick up a pair of these fine fitting pants.  They are well styled, but not overly be-dazzled, and once they’re broken in, they are the best fitting jeans I own. On top of that, the denim is way higher quality than your everyday pair of Levi’s, and I’ve found that they will last 2-3 times longer. These jeans are sexy as hell and worth every penny.

There is only one place that you can get Robin’s Jeans in Victoria, and that is down (up?) at North Of Wednesday on Johnston St.  I bought my wife a pair from their boutique for Christmas, and they make her ass look fantastic, and put a smile on her face. (and remember: “happy wife, happy life!”).  Anyways, here are a few words about Robin, and some shots from the collection:

Born in Lyon, France Robin has always been immersed in a creative environment. His mother a talented fashion designer and his father an artist, always encouraged his creative talents and dreams; and Robin was a big dreamer. Intrigued by airplanes, flight and the freedome of the blue sky, he began to spread his creative wings at a very young age and by sixteen he started translating those big blue dreams into big denim fashion realities.

Robin arrived in Los Angeles in 1996. His talents, youth and good looks caught the eye of the best denim companies in Los Angeles. At a time when most denim was designed around basic styles, Robin’s attention to fabrics, washes and detail made him the man with the Midas touch and it was not long before he began to soar. Designing for Blue Cult, followed by head designing Hudson Jeans, the name of Robin Chretien flew quickly to the top of the best denim designer’s list in the United States.

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