Style on the Street

Today was rainy and gloomy, so I figured my chances of finding anyone blog worthy were slim, but I was happy to run into this fellow working at the wine store down the block from us!  Now, I usually get one of three reactions from people when I ask to photograph them for the blog.  Some come off so self assured like “of course you want to photograph me, cuz I’m awesome”.  Others are surprised and hesitant, figuring they are going to be on someones’ porn site, which often means that I have to explain that yes, I actually write a fashion blog, and no, they aren’t going to be featured on some sort of “real girls” site.  Finally, some people are surprised and flattered that someone has noticed their fashion effort, and are more than happy to let me take their photo. Today’s style on the street, Jordan, was my favorite type, surprised and flattered. I could tell that he had put some effort into what he was wearing, but it was well done, so didn’t look contrived.  Everything he was wearing worked perfectly together without being matchy-matchy, and to top it off he was rocking one of my current favorite trends, the cuffed skinny jeans with a sweet pair of dress shoes.

Well done sir.

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