We need more of this: todays best from Lookbook.nu

The hype machine that is Lookbook.nu is vain and awesome.  A lot of what is on the site is hipster garbage, but here and there I find people that, at least in my opinion, have quite the talent for dressing themselves.  I am going to start posting my favorite looks from Lookbook every week or so. I want to promote the looks that I think we should see more of.  Amidst the hordes of jean shorts over tights (seriously, this has to stop, I don’t know who decided this was a good idea) and the girls who still think that tights-as-pants are an appropriate fashion choice (please, cover your bum/camel toe), there are a few jewels of style to be had.  Here are a selection of looks that I found and appreciated this week.  All photos care of Lookbook.nu

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